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Cape Town, South Africa

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Why We are Different

At Dr Shaboodien’s Orthodontic Practice, our number one priority is the health and happiness of our patients and we strive to give them the quality care they deserve. Whether this is through having the highest sterilization standards possible, or the amount of time spent with each patient, some of the things that work at Dr Shaboodien’s orthodontic practice are because we do things differently.

By using state-of-the-art technology some things from the past, such as tooth extraction or headgear, are no longer necessary for every patient. Everything, from the brackets on your teeth to the x-ray machines, use the highest technology available.

Other advances in technology that we utilize include:

Faster treatment time

  • By using different types of braces, treatment can be completed up to 30 percent fast than with traditional braces.
  • Not only is treatment more efficient, but discomfort has been minimized.
  • Shorter and few adjustment and appointments.
  • Our in-house lab also helps to lessen treatment time since we don’t need to send molds or measurements elsewhere. Because of this, our patients are away from work and school much less than they otherwise would be.

Individual treatment

  • Because each patient’s needs are unique, Dr. Shaboodien spends time finding out what these needs are.
  • Our younger patients may benefit the most from clear braces, while our adult patients may benefit most from lingual braces and Invisalign.

 Indirect bonding

  • In most of the orthodontic offices in the South Africa, brackets are positioned one at a time on the day the braces are placed.
  • In our office we use indirect bonding, which means we place the braces on the molds of the teeth. Each tooth is measured to the exact centre of the tooth where the bracket is placed.
  • The position of each of our braces has been measured so the finished result is more accurate.

Dr. Shaboodien and the staff are a highly trained, fun, and respected orthodontic practice in Cape Town. If you are interested in finding out more about orthodontics and how braces can help your functionality and enhance your aesthetic appearance, please contact our practice today.



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